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The Walter & Dorothy Duncan Trust provides financial assistance with educational costs for students who do not have sufficient funds to further their studies.

For example:

  • Purchasing necessary equipment or resources
  • Practical placement or field trip costs
  • Textbooks or study aids

Grants are also available to students who are experiencing extraordinary financial difficulty that impacts on their ability to continue study.

This grant is available to continuing students who have completed at least one semester at the University of Adelaide and who have demonstrated academic aptitude.  Grant amounts vary depending on demonstrated need and availability of funds.

Applicants will need to provide supporting documentation including:

  • Budget specific to the application request
  • Evidence of income and expenditure eg. payslips, equipment quotes, rental
  • Evidence of own contribution to address the need
  • Explanation of relevance to study outcome eg. letter from course coordinator

Application forms are available from the Student Care Office, Adelaide University Union.

To lodge your completed form, along with supporting documentation you will need to make an appointment with the Education and Welfare Officers.

International students will need to demonstrate severe financial hardship, with supporting documentation from International Student Support, to be eligible to apply.