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The Adelaide Graduate Research School (AGRS) is partnering with South Australian technology leader Data Effects to create up to four supported research internships for PhD students.

Data Effects works closely with government and private industry on a diverse range of technology-focused agricultural, environmental and peri-urban research and development projects.

These research internships have been established by Data Effects to provide PhD students with an opportunity to undertake research in the fields of electronic/software engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence, fluid dynamics, and commercial and industrial design. The successful candidates will undertake a minimum of 60 FTE business days of research and development with the company. The AGRS will support eligible students with a research internship scholarship (for 60 business days at the standard RTP rate).

The research and development activities will be related to one or two of Data Effects’ current research projects:

  • Agriculture - Endemic Plant Pest and Disease Prediction
  • Biosecurity - Grains Industry Pest Snails Surveillance Sentinels
  • Biosecurity - National Border Protection Insect and Pathogen Biosecurity
  • Water Quality - Reducing Cotton Industry Off-farm water quality impacts
  • Biodiversity - AI-enabled Identification of Urban Pollinators

Data Effects is also open to discussing new projects related to the PhD candidates' research area and experience.


About the projects
The nature of the research and development activities for the research internship may include:

  • Developing and testing automated surveillance platforms for scalable production and deployment,
  • Undertaking research trials involving laboratory and field data collection and testing,
  • Developing novel chain-of-custody and data management software solutions to enable the secure movement of sensitive information,
  • Developing software systems to perform data synthesis, data analysis and customised visualisations to facilitate research activities.


Expected research outcomes for students may include:

  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary R&D team with leading experts from the government and private sectors,
  • An opportunity to build and strengthen local and national professional networks,
  • Contributing to data-driven decisions and integrated systems-level management,
  • Learning about cloud environments and a range of telecommunication backhaul technologies,
  • Applying research skills to solving real-world challenges in a commercial environment.

The successful applicant and their supervisor, and the partner organisation's focal contact person will have the opportunity to discuss the nature of research and development activities and working arrangements post-selection.

The PhD student must be:

  • within the first 18 months of their candidature,
  • willing to undertake the research internship for a minimum duration of 60 FTE business days,
  • making satisfactory progress, and
  • undertaking research in an area aligned with the proposed research internship project

More information about University of Adelaide's Research Internships is available at the AGRS Industry Opportunities website.

Application Process:
To apply, please email the following documents to (HDR Internships Office) with the subject line – Data Effects Internship:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter (of not more than 2 pages) outlining your interest in the internship and describing how your research area aligns with the proposed field of research internship.


Further enquiries: