Evidence Synthesis Methods Scholarship

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3 years
Postgraduate Research
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Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
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The Evidence Synthesis Methods Scholarship is funded by JBI (Joanna-Briggs Institute) to support a full-time PhD student who is commencing research in the field of study evidence synthesis methodology.

JBI (within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, university of Adelaide) is globally renowned in the field of evidence-based healthcare. JBI has an internationally recognised methodological approach to evidence synthesis that is used by academics, clinicians, students and others worldwide. This project aims to evaluate and develop our evidence synthesis methodology.

People who make decisions regarding the health of individuals or a society need trustworthy information to support these decisions, whether they be about the effectiveness of a strategy, the burden of a disease, the accuracy of a medical investigation or the preferences and values of a population. To produce trustworthy evidence, we need to collate and synthesise all of the information available. This work will improve the science behind evidence synthesis and the quality of evidence synthesis efforts.



Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia who are acceptable as candidates for a PhD degree at the University of Adelaide.


The scholarship will be for 3 years upon enrolment and has a stipend of $28,597 (Indexed annually) per annum.

It is likely to be tax exempt, subject to Taxation Office approval.  Details of any terms and/or benefits can be found in the attached Conditions of Award/Rules.


Expressions of interest should be submitted to Zachary Munn with the name of scholarship in the subject heading. Please ensure you include all of the following documents:

  • Evidence of Australian or New Zealand citizenship, or Australian permanent resident status, if applicable
  • Degree certificates (testamurs)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Translations of non-English documentation
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 1 page document outlining your interest in evidence synthesis methodology and previous experience in evidence synthesis and/or systematic reviews


Short-listed applicants may be invited to an interview. Selected candidates will be invited to submit a formal application for admission. Instructions will be provided to candidates in due course (please contact Zachary Munn for further details).



Contact Person: Zachary Munn

School/Discipline of: JBI, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Tel: (08) 8313 3642

Email: zachary.munn@adelaide.edu.au