Crohn’s & Colitis Australia Inflammatory Bowel Disease PhD Scholarship

Applications open
26 September 2020
Applications close
2 November 2020 - AGC deadline
Payment per year
$25,000 per annum (tax free)
Up to 3 years
Postgraduate Research
Australian Citizens
Australian Permanent Residents
New Zealand Citizens
Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders
Type of Scholarship
Available In
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Faculty of Sciences
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The Crohn’s & Colitis Australia IBD PhD Scholarships are created to address the CCA strategic priority of building inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) research capacity in Australia whilst we search for a cause or cure for IBD. The award is designed for candidates at an early stage in their careers, for example (but not confined to) graduates in any health care discipline or science who are seeking to pursue doctoral studies. 

It is preferred that applicants intend pursuing a career in gastroenterology, specifically related to IBD.  Preference is given to proposals that align with the priority areas of CCA as listed below:

  • Cause or cure
  • Diagnosis
  • Prevention
  • Better disease management and improved well being
  • Epidemiology

Enquiries to:

Phone: 1800 071 072 (option 0) or


All applications require endorsement from the Adelaide Graduate Centre by 2 November 2020, prior to submission to the C & CA.