The University of Adelaide & DSTG Industry PhD (UAiPhD) Program and Scholarship

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Payment per year
$28,597.00 per annum (RTP Stipend) and $12,500 per annum (DST Supplementary Scholarship)
4 years
Postgraduate Research
Australian Citizens
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Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
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The UAiPhD is an innovative 4-year program, which includes completion of a 6-month industry placement.

As a PhD student you will have the opportunity to work on an industry problem, while being supported by a University of Adelaide supervisor and an industry supervisor for the duration of the program.

In addition, you will undertake selected professional development activities offered through the University’s Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program or as directed by the industry partner. During your placement, you will gain valuable understanding on how organisations innovate and solve real world problems, and how you can make an impact with your research, while gaining a significant employment advantage.

Detailed information about the program can be found on the UAiPhD (iPhD) website.

Please see below for more information about this exciting project with DSTG (Defence Science Technology Group)

Industry Partner:

DSTG (Defence Science Technology Group)

Research Project Title:

Identifying and Preventing the Coordinated Spread of Misinformation

Research Project Description: 

The spread of misinformation online is believed to be driven in part by non­human actors: algorithms and bots, often coordinated offshore. Recent research has developed algorithms for identifying such bots through measures of coordination: accounts that post to social media at similar times, or with similar, recognisable patterns of behaviour. Such coordination is hypothesised to create social influence and may be used in "grey zone" conflict. State-of-the-art approaches to bot detection nonetheless use relatively naive social media analytics and measures, and not using the full extent of information (e.g., network structure and full post content) available.  This project will aim to fill the gap by developing new measures of social information flow to understand the extent of online social influence, and building new tools to counter malicious coordinated behavior, in real time.


Applicants must be Australian citizens who are acceptable as candidates for a PhD degree at the University of Adelaide, Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences, School of Mathematical Sciences, and would be able to commence in 2021.


The scholarship will be for 4 years and has a stipend of $28,597 p/a (RTP Stipend) & $12,500 p/a (Supplementary Scholarship) (indexed annually) per annum.

It is likely to be tax exempt, subject to Taxation Office approval.  Details of any terms and/or benefits can be found in the Conditions of Award/Rules.

Application Instructions

Applications for this UAiPhD project should be submitted to Associate Professor Lewis Mitchell at by no later than COB 28 October 2021, with the title of the program and project in the subject heading. Please ensure that you include all of the following documents:

  • Evidence of Australian citizenship
  • Degree certificates (testamurs)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae

For further information about the UAiPhD Program, please visit the UAiPhD (iPhD) website in the first instance, and for specific enquiries please contact or phone: 8313 6091.