FutureNow Scholarships (ANSTO)

Applications close
27 November 2022
Payment per year
Varies - refer to ANSTO website
Doctor of Philosophy
Postgraduate Research
Australian Citizens
Australian Permanent Residents
New Zealand Citizens
Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders
Type of Scholarship
Available In
All Faculties
Available To
Future Students
Commencing Students

What are FutureNow Scholarships?
These scholarships, funded by the NSW Government, support graduate students and early career researchers working on industry-focused projects in health, defence, space, environment and nuclear technologies. Successful candidates work under the guidance of some of Australia’s leading scientists. They may also obtain access to ANSTO’s state-of-the-art facilities to put their research to the test and develop workable solutions to real world problems. 

Five FutureNow Scholarships
These scholarships include stipends or salary top-ups of $7,500, as well as up to $10,000 for approved research, conferences and travel. A minimum of five scholarships are available for qualifying applicants.

Two FutureNow Plus Scholarships
These scholarship are ideally suited to early career researchers and offer stipends of up to $35,000 plus a research, conference and travel allowance of up to $10,000. There is some flexibility in how the award can be taken depending on the nature and level of support from the industry partner. For example, the award could be matched by an industry partner to create a post-doctoral position. Alternately, industry funds could support a second PhD stipend, fund instrument access or additional sample costs. Two scholarships are available for qualifying applicants.

Like to learn more?
All the information is provided on the FutureNow Scholarship web page.